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Agriculture and Marine Resources

Biological Sciences

Electronics, IT and Telecomms

  • Data Intensive Computing Lab at Cracow University of Technology

    We look for co-opertaion in research topics: Models of Data Intensive (DI) enabling infrastructures and middleware Parallel programming models for DIproblems DI management and processing models in large scale distributed systems ...

  • Laboratory of energy efficient building

    The innovative building is situated on the University campus in Warszawska street. It has 5 floors (built area is 258,41m2, utility space is 1039 m2, the front elevation is 17,02 m wide and 19,24 m high). It is a slab and column constr ...

  • Low energy building design and thermal refurbishment of existing buildings

    SPECIFIC RESEARCH INTERESTS: Low energy building: passive solar energy use, rational window sizing strategy, passive measures of indoor climate control to avoid overheating, influence of thermal storage on heating and cooling demand ...

  • A propulsion/drive system of aquatic vessels.

    Description of the technology University from Poland developed: propulsion system utilizing oscillating side fins, worm gear based propulsion system of side fins, which can be applied in underwater and surface vehicles. Innovation of m ...


Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies

Other Industrial Technologies

Physical and Exact Sciences

Protecting man and Environment

  • New way of detection Cryptosporidium and Giardia protozoa.

    Description of the technology A Technology University from south of Poland developed a new way of detection Cryptosporidium and Giardia protozoa in water samples. The method could be applied in e.g. water treatment plants, unit respons ...

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