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Cracow University of Technology:
- educates highly qualified engineers who can cope with national and global industry challenges,
- educates academic staff by supporting the development of their scientific passion and their participation in national and international scientific exchange,
- serves the economy and the whole society by solving technical and technological problems and by implementing scientific studies into economic practice.
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Technology Transfer Office

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The technology can be used in the production of polymer coatings curable by ultraviolet radiation (UV) imposed on various types of surface such as aluminum, paper, plastics, wood and metals. Technology is compatible with UV LED diodes, which make it advantageous in several fields comparing to tradit[…]

The invention relates to an innovative method of obtaining a chromium/ZrO2 catalyst using an ultrasonic field in its synthesis. The catalyst is designed to VOC combustion (especially methane, contained in waste gases). The main advantages of the chrome-containing catalyst obtained by sonication meth[…]

The developed solvent-free technology allows API synthesis under microwave irradiation with high purity and efficiency in a very short time. Its advantages include the absence of toxic solvents, an easy way to isolate products from the reaction mixture, significantly reduce the amount of additional […]

This invention relates to a biologically active compound, the derivative of natural triterpene lupeol. This derivative is active for human skin cells, improving their proliferation process. In addition, the substance has the ability to neutralize free radicals. The described derivative can be used a[…]

- testing of pressure instalations - inspection of the technical condition of the above-ground and underground storage tank bottoms performed in accordance with procedure[…]

Photopolymerization initiated by UV light - solutions for polymer coatings industry[…]

Our Mission: • To conduct international quality research on exploring, development and study of data intensive scalable, reliable and intelligent complex systems and models, future generation technologies in artificial intelligence and bilogically inspired data intensive computing, large-scale, par[…]

A method of preparing novel and transparent polymer nanocomposites based on a polymeric matrix of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and the inorganic nanoparticles of zinc sulfide doped with manganese atoms (ZnS:Mn).[…]

Building and Architectural Acoustics Laboratory (BAAL) is a part of Building Physics Lab. Our mission is to help architects and structural designers make their buildings acoustically better. We also help building material manufacturers to develop or improve acoustical performance in their products. […]

Institute of Thermal Power Engineering is providing research and education in the field of energy technologies. The Institute covers a wide area of energy research, from expert works for the power sector, to investigations of the most advanced technologies for energy generation[…]

Activities of Division are mainly focused on research and technology development in the field of applied mechanics, material engineering, machine design, thermal and process engineering, production engineering, computing sciences, power engineering and computer sciences. FME employs about 250 resear[…]

The Laboratory is the first place in Poland to do such large-scale research on energy efficient technologies and the comfort of the occupants of low-energy buildings. This interesting project gives the University the leading position in the sector of energy efficient building.[…]

Laboratory for Trace Organic Analyses is an integral part of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology at Krakow University of Technology. The Laboratory is accredited from Polish Centre for Accreditation that signed EA Multilateral Agreement. PCA has become a signatory of EA MLA[…]

The Geotechnical Laboratory at Department of Environmental Engineering is equipped with the following devices: • Triaxial apparatus ELE • Rowe’s consolidometer (ELE) • The CPTU[…]

Equipment: 3D structured light scanner for medical application, 3-axis milling centre, 3D printer, medical software: Mimics, CAE system: Catia V5[…]

OUR MAIN GOALS Tools and good practice procedures for low energy building design, enabling to reduce demand on heating and prevent cooling demand while maintaining high indoor air quality. Because of the big volume of poor quality prefabricated apartment buildings, that still exist in Poland, one […]

Design and synthesis of new photoinitiators dedicated for cationic, free-radical and hybrid photopolymerization. The research are performed to improve the speed of the curing processes of polymer coatings by developing innovative polymerization photoinitiators having a very better parameters than th[…]

Nanometals additive for fertilizing products affects the inhibition of growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses, which may attack the plants, especially in moist environment.[…]

The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of nanosilver and nanogold using an aqueous extract of dog rose, white grape and knotweed. Substances which were extracted from these plants act both as reducer of silver and gold ions and stabilizing agent of forming silver and gold nan[…]

Properties of foams can be enriched by the addition of a biocide. Silver, gold or copper present in the form of nanometric scale are known for their biocidal properties against bacteria, viruses and fungi. […]

Nanostructured silver is suspended in the gelling environment, which is a precursor of a colloidal system. A gelatin which is a natural protein polymer is a gelling environment. Nanosilver, due to its characteristics is widely used. The best-known advantage of silver nanoparticle is its antibacteria[…]

The innovation is use of tin ions, polyphosphates and nanomaterials. The most important properties of tin ions are: reduction of plaque, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, combating odour and reduction of tooth sensitivity. Polyphosphates added to the composition prevent the formation […]

The main advantage of proposed technology is the presence of urea in the system used commonly as a fertilizer promoting the growth of plants and both antifungal and antibacterial activity against pathogens. It also fits into the current trend towards the use of proecological technologies in industr[…]

The offered product is a material used for reconstruction of skeletal system bone with long-term antimicrobial operation, in contrast to the pure hydroxyapatite most widely used in regenerative medicine. The resulting materials can be designed in many industries, but the emphasis is mainly focused o[…]

Subject of this offer is the preparation method of silver nanoparticles suspension by reduction of silver salt by using reducing agent of natural origin and in the presence of a stabilizer. In this method, the following reducing agents are used apiproduct or extract of amber. The obtained nanopar[…]

The main aspect of innovation, which can be implemented in industrial practice, is application of degradable polymers, while maintaining the usable equivalence to current products. It is associated with a tendency to reduce environmental consumer waste. Specialized wound dressings are now one of the[…]

Advantages of the technology: - Our method is sensitive, reproducible, species-specific and inexpensive way to detect Cryptosporidium sp. oocysts ad Giardia intestinalis cysts in various environmental samples. - There is not necessary to use highly specialized and expensive equipment. All the ma[…]

Both proposed side fins drive systems have similar features which are realized by slightly different mechanisms dependant on the room inside vehicles hull. Those features are as follows: - multi-functionality, - ability to generate an extra driving force, - significant increase of swimming spe[…]

The invention relates to the special additions that may be introduced to virtually any powder mixture based on steel aimed for sintering process. Specifically, the additions result in increased density (mainly of 0.5-0.7 g/cm3) of a final sinter accompanied with both high dimensional precision and i[…]

A comprehensive method to assess the technical condition of the pressure equipment of installation operated in the chemical and petrochemical industry, with the use of acoustic emission signal analysis, structure stress field and the degradation st The algorithm for the assessment of the technica[…]

The inventionconcernsthe technology of modifying dyeing substance by binding it with antimicrobial agent. In particular, silver or zinc oxide nanoparticles are embedded into the structure of indigo dye. As-modified colouring agent serves to dyeingthe textile material which in turn gets constant anti[…]

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